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Aqueduct in Skopje

The only Aqueduct in the Republic of Macedonia is located 2 km north-west of the city center of Skopje. One upon a time according to the notes of the traveler Evlija Chelebija (1669), the Skopje Aqueduct had 200, and now remain standing only 55 stone arches. In the disastrous earthquake which stroke Skopje in 1963, the Aqueduct was damaged and than restored and reconstructed.

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According to one theory, this monument was built by the Romans, during the reign of the emperor Justinian I, who was born in the vicinity of Skopje, in a place called Tauresium. The other theory suggests it was constructed in 16th century, by the Ottoman Empire who conquered the whole Balkan (including Macedonia) and in the middle ages it provided water for public baths located now in the old part of Skopje.

Aqueduct at Skopje
Vasilka Dimitrovska, director of HAEMUS in front of the Aqueduct at Skopje