Martinki Event in 2016 - Our Publication about the Grandma March Day in 4 languages

HAEMUS – Cultural Practices on the Balkans – Grandma March Day
multilingual book by HAEMUS printed in 2016
(Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, English)

Title: Cultural practices on the Balkans : Grandma March Day = Културни обичаи на Балканот : денот на Баба Марта = Културни обичаи на Балканите : денят на Баба Марта = Traditii în Balcani : Marţişorul
Author: Dimitrovska, Vasilka
Publisher: HAEMUS – Center for scientific research and promotion of culture
Year: 2016
Pages: 32
Language: multilingual (Macedonian, Bulgarian, Romanian, English)
ISBN: 978-608-65538-2-1



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