Module: Heritage Interpretation for children

Our gamified social heritage experiences are part of the “Young Explorer” and “Storytelling Skopje” programs

Welcome to our heritage interpretation training module tailored for professionals who work with children. This module is inspired by the collaborative efforts of HAEMUS and our “Young Explorer” program – an innovative educational platform dedicated to nurturing the curiosity of children and youth. With its exclusive publishing edition, numerous workshops, and hands-on activities, the “Young Explorer” program aims to shape the future custodians and promoters of heritage.

This module also draws from our expertise as winners of the Best European Heritage Story in 2020 and as mentors for the victorious project, Young Heritage European Makers, in 2023, when our mentorship turned into a European award.

Children represent the future guardians of our heritage, and we are eager to understand their perspectives on natural and cultural legacies. How do they perceive and highlight their creations? How they interconnect in shaping the heritage of tomorrow? To facilitate this journey, young minds require mentors who guide them through the process.

This module is designed for professionals working with children and youth aged 6-18, including caregivers, teachers, professors, pedagogues, educators, trainers, instructors, mentors, and tutors.

HAEMUS received the award for the best ‘European Heritage Story’ in 2020 (Illustration by Zoran Cardula)

The full day module shaped as a workshop includes:

  • Basic principals of Heritage Interpretation: Multiperspectivity, multisensory learning and value-based interpretation.
  • What is phenomenon and how to choose it for an interpretive experience.
  • Themes, Subjects, and Hands-On Activities: How to craft themes and subjects that resonate with children.
  • First-hand experience: Hands-on activities that make heritage come alive.
  • Universal Concepts:  Fundamental principles that make heritage interpretation universally intriguing for children.
  • The Art of Storytelling: Storytelling techniques that captivate children’s imagination and reveal the secret to inspiring their interest.
  • Children and Gamification: Incorporating children into gamified heritage experiences and activities that can be highly beneficial for their education and personal development.
  • Project-Based Applications: Insights into applying heritage interpretation principles to various projects, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning experience for children.
  • Finding Literature for Children’s Interpretation: Valuable resources and literature tailored for heritage interpretation for children, providing you with a roadmap for further exploration.
  • Including: Many individual and group heritage interpretive exercises, as well as teamwork on planning and implementing an interpretation project for children
Our mentoring of an elementary school class transforms into an award for the best “Young European Heritage Makers” (April 2023)

Join us in this transformative workshop, where knowledge meets creativity, and young explorers through their mentors become the architects of their heritage. Enrich your everyday interactions and empower the next generation of heritage custodians!

Insights and Knowledge: Gain valuable insights, instructions, and practical examples in the field of heritage interpretation, applicable in your daily interactions with children and youth.
Mentorship: Explore the role of mentorship in fostering the creative connection between young individuals and their heritage.
Practical Application: Acquire tools that can be seamlessly integrated into your everyday work, enhancing the engagement and understanding of heritage among children.
Preparation for European Competitions: Receive guidance and resources that can significantly contribute to various European competitions, including “Young European Heritage Makers, “European Bauhaus”, “Best European Heritage Story”, and more.

Trainer: The module ‘Heritage Interpretation for children’ is developed and led by Vasilka Dimitrovska, the director of HAEMUS, a certified interpretative trainer, the national coordinator of Interpret Europe for Macedonia and creator of programs ‘Young Explorer’ and ‘Storytelling Skopje‘.

Part of the HAEMUS publications for children and youth with hands-on-activities
within our “Young Explorer” educational program

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