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Ancient Roman Bath in Macedonia 

More than 4,700 archaeological sites have been discovered on today’s territory of the Republic of Macedonia, but only several of them have been explored. The abundance of prehistory dating back to the Paleolithic time, as well as thousands of artifacts from the historical period are only part of the rich cultural heritage that for centuries has been found on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. On our web site we present most of them which, in a certain way, reflect this country in its archaeological sense, a country which, regardless of the circumstances, represents an archaeological oasis, both in Europe and  the Balkans.


Map of the Archaeological sites in the Republic of Macedonia

We run short, weekend and longer archaeological tours that enable visitors to relax and enjoy wonderful scenery, sites and monuments. These tours are guided by professional archaeologists, art historians and historians with the qualified tourist licence given by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia. We also provide first class information, for anyone with an interest in archaeology, history  ethnology, art history, architecture and art – enthusiasts, students and researchers.

If you want to book a tour, you can contact us in the following ways:

By email: contact@haemus.org.mk

By phone: 00 389 77 524 987

Unqualified guides аrе illegal in the Republic of Macedonia. Make sure your tourist guide is licensed!

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