Martinki event 2016 - Poetry Slam "Martinka"

Poetry slam ”Martinka” with poets from many cities of the Republic of Macedonia was held on 05.03.2016 at the Skopje City Mall, within the exhibition “Grandma March Day – cultural practices on the Balkans”. The host was HAEMUS  – center for scientific research and promotion of culture in collaboration with the Poetry SLAM Macedonia. The main aim of this event was to honor the spring, health, Grandma march day, love and everything what is in connection with martinki, small lovely artefact which people gives to the loved one during 1st March.

List of the poets for ‘Martinki’ slem poetry event:

1. Nadica Trencheva, Kavadarci
2. Cvetanka Koleva, Kavadarci
3. Snezana Stojcevska, Skopje
4. Magda Dejanova, Skopje
5. Lile Jovanovskaа, Skopje
6. Pero Sardzoski, Tetovo
7. Igor Trpche, Prilep
8. Nade Pop Gavrilova, Skopje
9. Elena Prendzova, Skopje


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