Map of Koikino

Vasilka Dimitrovska, a creative director of HAEMUS standing in front of the astronomical platform C

According to the archaeological data, we can say for sure that Kokino is the oldest ancient astronomical observatory on the Balkans. Kokino, an archaeological site from the Bronze Age period and a prehistoric archaeo-astronomical observatory gain the attention of scientists and media since the moment it was discovered in 2001. Archaeologically tested and astronomically proved, this advanced community which settled Kokino around 1800 BC, used very complicated mathematical equations for observing the sky and the celestial phenomena. We are very lucky they left marks around the stones and rock in the shape of markers while observing the rising of the sun during the summer and winter solstice, spring and fall equinox, and many other things in the time when they lived.

Originally, the archaeological site “Tatichev Kamen”, also known by its popular name as “Kokino Observatory”, consists of markers which can be observed from several astronomical platforms.

S1 – Sun summer Solstice
S2 – Sun spring and autumn equinox
S3 – Sun winter solstice
M1 –Winter major Moon standstill
M2 –Winter minor Moon standstill
M3 –Summer minor Moon standstill
M4 –Summer major Moon standstill

Markers observed from the astronomical platform ‘C’ (according to Kuzmanovska O., Stankovski J., Apostolovska G., 2016)


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