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HAEMUS launched HAEMUS Travel

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Last year we launched HAEMUS Travel, creative tourist brand of HAEMUS which is dedicated to smart heritage management and tourism. HAEMUS Travel is based on social entrepreneurship and it serves to support work of HAEMUS as non-profit and non-governmental organization inspiring community to take care about our common heritage. Through HAEMUS Travel we give you social impact experience, where 100% of what you pay for this experience goes to HAEMUS heritage cause

We founded HAEMUS in 2012 as an organization striving to promote scientific research and culture on the Balkan Peninsula, offering a wide range of services related to our cultural heritage. These fall into several categories, including: research, cultural resource management, publication, education, promotion and tourism. With time, HAEMUS grew up as an organization, allowing up to 5 people to work and earn a living from our projects. Lately, we founded HAEMUS Travel as a way to implement our skills into the creative side of the tourism.

Official logo of HAEMUS Travel


As a Macedonian-based organization, HAEMUS Travel can organize your educational trips to the Republic of Macedonia, we can help make your booking, but we can also give you advice and travel tips for all of the Balkan countries in general. Within Macedonia, we organize short educative walking tours and longer trips which are managed by our experts exclusively, who are seriously engaged in the field of cultural heritage. These excursions are led by professional archaeologists, art historians, historians, ethnologists and tourism professionals with qualified license for professional tour guide, given by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Macedonia.

We also provide advice and assistance in creation of writing articles, audio-visual materials, such as audio-guides, documentaries, videos and other promotional material related to the cultural heritage of the Balkans. We arrange different types of educational activities, such as lectures, workshops, seminars or conferences too.

Official web site of HAEMUS Travelwww.haemustravel.com

Every order you make, every product we sell, every service which is purchased helps us running our organization HAEMUS dedicated to the promotion of the Macedonian and in generally Balkan heritage. We invest our money in research project, in public events and in publications always preformed under the UNESCO’s motto of Open Educational Resources on Internet. We strongly believe that sharing is carrying for our common cultures. We would like to express our gratitude for choosing us and our ideas to be your partner and guide in your own creative Balkan journey.



Phone/Viber: +389(0) 77 432 861
e-mail: contact@haemustravel.com;
web: http://haemustravel.com

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HAEMUS - center for scientific research and promotion of the culture, endorses historical and archaeological research, exploration, education, popularization, promotion and management of the cultural heritage of the Balkan peninsula as a mutual benefit from the past.