19.08.2014 Vasilka Dimitrovska co-founder and president of HAEMUS, was a guest at national Sitel TV speaking about tourism and promoting Macedonia. The name of the show is ‘I love Macedonia’

28.03.2014 Vasilka Dimitrovska, co-founder and president of HAEMUS was guest at Zebra, debate online show. She elaborated some personal aspects regarding the last incidents with the robbery of the Museum of Macedonia, pseudo-archaeologist who were searching for the grave of Alexander the Great, as well as many other problems of Macedonian cultural heritage.

01.03.2014 Vasilka Dimitrovska, president of HAEMUS, was guest at the national television SITEL speaking about the work of HAEMUS as a part of the UNESCO application to protect the martinki as an intangible world heritage [more]

  27.02.2014 Promotional video by HAEMUS, about the event Happy “Grandma March” Day organized by UNESCO Club HAEMUS [more]


20.02.2014 HAEMUS organized a public lecture е entitled “Religious continuities on the territory of Macedonia – from the Neolithic age to the 21st century” by eminent archaeologist and professor Nikos Chausidis [more]

21.11.2013 Vasilka Dimitrovska, president of HAEMUS, was guest at the national television MRTV speaking about the work of HAEMUS as a center for scientific research and promotion of culture [more]


18.11.2013 HAEMUS organized a public lecture е entitled “REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA: COAT OF ARMS – quest for dilemma’s answers?” by Macedonian herald Jovan Jonovski [more]

05.08.2013 HAEMUS  visited Moklishki monastery, a post-byzantine monastery from 15/16 century in the Republic of Macedonia

23.05.2013 HAEMUS organized a public lecture е entitled “Greek Foreign Policy and the Macedonian Name”, by Macedonian historian Dalibor Jovanovski [more]


16.05.2013 HAEMUS organized a promotion and published the monograph on ‘The stone industry from the neolithic site of Rug Bair – Republic of Macedonia’, by the author Vasilka Dimitrovska [download]

18.04.2013 HAEMUS organized a public lecture е entitled “The Ilinden Uprising, Historiographical Dilemmas and Controversies”, by Macedonian historian Vancho Gjorgjiev [more]

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