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  • Heritage videos in HAEMUS production

    on Apr 17, 20 • in Anthropology, Cultural heritage, History, Management, News, Our Activity, Republic of Macedonia, Technology • with Comments Off on Heritage videos in HAEMUS production

    To celebrate the International Day of Archaeology 2018, two years ago HAEMUS” organized a series of lectures in the field of archaeology, on November 15, 2018, at the EU Infocentre in Skopje. The event was promotional, in collaboration with the Archaeological Institute of America. Its primary goal was to popularize Macedonian archaeology and cultural heritage in general. The International Day of Archaeology is a world event that celebrates archaeology and raises awareness of archaeology as a science, at the same time providing an opportunity for public participation in archaeological activities and debates. The speakers at the event

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  • HAEMUS is launching an international poetry slam video contest for the IDMS 2020

    on Mar 31, 20 • in Cultural heritage, Culture, Heritage, Internet, News, Our Activity, Preservation, Promotion • with Comments Off on HAEMUS is launching an international poetry slam video contest for the IDMS 2020

    HAEMUS, in collaboration with Poetry Slam Macedonia, is launching a poetry slam video contest on the subject of “Shared Cultures, Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibility”. The subject reflects the global context of the heritage as part of the cultural identity during the times of a rapid demographic change, conflict, and unstable environment. Sites, landscapes, cultural practices (customs) or collections (of artifacts and art) – the topic covers a diverse cultural heritage, as well as our collective responsibility to protect, present and pass on its significance and values to the following generations. Explore what cultural heritage inspires

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