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  • Bulgarian Archeologists Uncover Large Votive Relief of Zeus

    on Nov 6, 13 • in Antiquty, Archaeology, Architecture, Bulgaria, Hellenistic period, News • with Comments Off on Bulgarian Archeologists Uncover Large Votive Relief of Zeus

      A team of Bulgarian archaeologists led by Dr. Ivan Hristov has discovered an unusually large votive relief of the ancient Greek God Zeus near the Bulgarian village of Starosel. The news was announced by the National History Museum for the Bulgarian News Agency Focus. The archaeological team uncovered the votive relief which was much bigger than the ordinary ones and thus it was allegedly the center part of an ancient temple. A large rock eagle appeared flying round when the archaeological team was about to uncover the artifact. As the ancient Greek god Zeus

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  • ‘Biggest’ Roman capital unearthed in Turkey

    on Nov 6, 13 • in Archaeology, Architecture, Excavation, News, Roman period, Turkey • with Comments Off on ‘Biggest’ Roman capital unearthed in Turkey

      Archeologists on Friday have unearthed what they described as the “largest” and most “exquisite” Roman capital at the site of Kyzikos Hadrian Temple in Western Turkey. “This is the largest and most exquisite Corinthian capital built within the territory of the Roman Empire,” the World Bulletin website quoted Nurettin Kochan, head of Ataturk University’s archeology team, as saying. The 20-ton colossal Corinthian capital in Erdek district is said to be 1.9m in diameter and 2.5 m in height. In architectural terminology, the term “capital” derived from Latin caput, or “head,” which forms the topmost

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  • Temple of Poseidon found in Bulgaria’s Sozopol

    on Dec 16, 12 • in Archaeology, Bulgaria, Christianity, Middle Ages, News, Religion, Roman period • with Comments Off on Temple of Poseidon found in Bulgaria’s Sozopol

    One of the buildings excavated in the Bulgarian Black Sea town of Sozopol appears to have been a temple to Poseidon, going by the discovery of a large and relatively well-preserved altar to the Greek god. This is according to Bozhidar Dimitrov, director of Bulgaria’s National History Museum. Archaeologists found the building in front of the medieval fortified wall of the seaside town, Dimitrov said. He said that the numerous pieces of marble found during excavations indicate that after the declaration of Christianity as the office religion of the Roman empire in 330 CE, the

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