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  • Wax Tablets Reveal Secrets of Ancient Illyria

    on Sep 4, 14 • in Albania, Archaeology, Art, Excavation, News, Roman period • with Comments Off on Wax Tablets Reveal Secrets of Ancient Illyria

    A new study of five wax tablets from the Second Century, found in the Albanian city of Durres, offers fascinating insights into the role of women in ancient Illyrian culture. When Albanian archaeologist Fatos Tartari excavated the ancient necropolis of Durres in 1979, he came across a staggering find. In the Roman concrete basement of the monumental tomb lay buried a glass urn filled with a black liquid resembling wine, containing two styluses, an ebony comb and five wax tablets used for writing, which were in good condition. “The monumental complex was a rare find,

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