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  • Book – Neolithic Ground Stone Industry in Serbia

    on Jan 13, 15 • in Archaeology, Book, Neolithic, News, Prehistory, Serbia, Stone • with Comments Off


    Dragana Antonović Neolithic Ground Stone Industry in Serbia The ground stone industry in Serbia commenced to exist during the Neolithic and under conditions of a sedentary life. The term ground stone here is referring to all those artefacts that their final shape have acquired by grinding, as well as to unfinished objects produced by other techniques of stone manufacturing. Along with numerous types of tool sand arms various ornamental, ritual and artistic objects are also included.The basis for this study of ground stone industry enabled the material of the fol-lowing Neolithic localities in Serbia: Belovode,

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  • HAEMUS – partner organization of the 10th International Symposium on Knappable Materials

    on Nov 19, 14 • in Archaeology, Conference, News, Our Activity, Prehistory, Stone, Technology • with Comments Off


    HAEMUS signed an agreement and became official partner of the 10th International Symposium on Knappable Materials  ‘On the Rocks’ International Symposium on Knappable Materials 8–10 September 2015 University of Barcelona, SpainAs far as raw materials go, chert and other knappable stone stand out as some of the most common materials in the archaeological record, and at some sites the only preserved material. They were used in almost every corner of the world, from the Palaeolithic up until today. Use of these materials even predates the appearance of our own species. Being so widespread, both geographically as

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  • Book: Archaeotechnology – Studying Technology From Prehistory to the Middle Ages

    on Oct 30, 14 • in Archaeology, Bones, Book, Clay, Metal, News, Stone, Technology • with Comments Off


    Archaeotechnology – Studying Technology From Prehistory to the Middle Ages edited by Dragana Antonović and Selena Vitezović Technology is a fascinating material expression of human culture, commonly regarded as an evidence of human triumph over nature. The human past was seen as a constant progress from “primitive” to “technologically advanced”, and even classiied after what is thought to be a dominating technique in a given period. Technological innovations were considered the main, if not the only driving forces that shape societies and cultures. A wider concept of technology, which goes beyond artefact analyses, which regards technology as

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  • Stone tool workshops by HAEMUS – The stories written in stone

    on Mar 23, 14 • in Archaeology, News, Our Activity, Prehistory, Republic of Macedonia, Workshop • with Comments Off

    Stone tool workshop II by HAEMUS

    In February and March HAEMUS organized a public stone tools workshops at the the Museum of the Old Bazaar, entitled  “The stories written in stone”. The aim of this project hosted by Vasilka Dimitrovska, president of HAEMUS and specialist for prehistoric stone tools was educating the students of archaeology about the stone tool typology, technology and use-wear analyses.The workshops joint the students from both, the University department of archaeology in Skopje and the University department of archaeology in Shtip. Topic 1: Introduction to the world of prehistoric stone tools; Topic 2: Basic principles and criteria

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  • HAEMUS signs a cooperation agreement with ‘Ursus speleos’

    on Jun 11, 13 • in Archaeology, Management, Mesolithic, News, Our Activity, Paleolithic, Prehistory, Republic of Macedonia, Speleology, Tourism • with Comments Off

    Speleo house in Slatina

    On 09.06.2013, HAEMUS and ‘Ursus spelaeus‘ signed an agreement for scientific and fieldwork collaboration. ‘Ursus speleos‘ is a society professionally engaged with exploring, protecting and promoting of the Karst forms, caves and speleology in general in the Republic of Macedonia. Since 2011, with a special permission by the Macedonian Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, ‘Ursus speleos‘ are managing the environments of the village of Slatina in central Macedonia, a speleological landscape with several natural monuments. The society owns the spelaeological home ‘Ursus speleos‘ in the village of Slatina near Makedonski Brod, a structure with

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  • Local Supply for Chipped Stone Tools from the Site of Rug Bair

    on Apr 16, 13 • in Archaeology, Articles, Neolithic, News, Prehistory, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off

    Balkan flint from Rug Bair

    Vasilka DIMITROVSKA Local Supply for Chipped Stone Tools from the Site of Rug Bair Abstract This paper presents the results of the analyses of raw material used in the production of chipped stone tools collected during the excavation of Rug Bair. Through the analyses of the stone artefacts, an attempt was made at constructing a more comprehensive picture of the raw materials and petrologic characteristics of the chipped stone industry at Rug Bair. The stone tools from Neolithic sites in the Republic of Macedonia have not been thoroughly analyzed in terms of raw materials. The

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