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  • Trove of religious offerings unearthed from ancient sanctuary in Turkey

    on Nov 27, 13 • in Archaeology, Art, Excavation, News, Religion, Roman period, Turkey • with Comments Off

    These seals carved with religious inscriptions were found near the site of the ancient city of Doliche.
Credit: University of Münster

    Archaeologists digging in southern Turkey say they’ve discovered more than 600 stamp seals, cylinder seals and amulets left as religious offerings in an ancient sanctuary. Carved with images of animals, people, deities and geometric figures, the small artifacts date from the seventh to fourth centuries B.C. and were found near the site of the ancient city of Doliche, which has a long history of worship. Researchers think the place was revered as early as the Iron Age (around the beginning of the first millennium B.C.). It later became a famous sacred site of the Roman era, dedicated

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