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Declassified Spy Photos Show Ancient Roman Walls In Romania

Sometimes it pays to take a second look. Archaeologists from two United Kingdom universities examining declassified spy photos rediscovered part of a what they believe...

Transforming the rural fabric of the Carpathian Villages in Romania

The villages of Romania, particularly those in Southern Saxon Transylvania, are a unique survival. These villages, the hay meadows and the forests which surround them...

Major archaeological discovery in Romania

Archaeologists delved over 100 silver and one gold coins, along with more a few hundred small items, ten thousands pottery fragments dating from the...

CfP: Conference – Culture and civilization in the Lower Danube

The international session "Culture and civilization in the Lower Danube" (East and West Sixteenth Edition) will take place from October 14-17th at the Muzeul Dunării de...
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