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  • 6,500-year old tin-bronze from Serbia

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    Fifth millennium BC tin bronze artefacts from Vinca culture sites in Serbia: (A) tin bronze foil from Plocnik, securely dated to c. 4650 BC; (B) tin bronze ring from Gomolava, tentatively dated to the mid fifth millennium BC

    The hypothesis of a single origin for Eurasian metallurgy has been challenged by the discovery of copper smelting evidence some 7000 years old at Plochnik, a Vincha culture settlement in eastern Serbia. Here, the tin-bronze foil was excavated from an undisturbed context, on the floor of a dwelling structure next to a copper workshop – a single occupation horizon dated to circa 4650 BCE. The tin-bronze foil from the site of Plochnik is therefore the earliest known tin-bronze artefact anywhere, extending the record of bronze making by about 1500 years. Two artefacts were analysed for

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