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  • Video: Goce Naumov – The Neolithic Figurines and Anthropomorphic House Models in the Republic of Macedonia

    on Dec 8, 15 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Conference, Ethnography, Etnology, Neolithic, News, Our Activity, Prehistory, Republic of Macedonia, Technology • with Comments Off

    Goce Naumov_BPC2015

    Goce Naumov (Euro Balkan University, Skopje) Of Miniatures and Hybrids: The Neolithic Figurines and Anthropomorphic House Models in the Republic of Macedonia The figurines and anthropomorphic ceramic hybrids in the Balkan Neolithic were often over generalized in the archaeological interpretation. Mostly, they were identified with a pantheon of goddesses or recently as anonymous individuals representing the Neolithic perception of human body. Obviously these two directions of interpretation are not convincing and generally are based on data not studied thoroughly. They are essentially established on assumptions inspired only by the published images of artifacts and not

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  • Bringing the Neolithic Figurines of Koutroulou Magoula Back to Life

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    Clay Neolithic figurines are some of the most enigmatic archaeological objects, which depict in a miniature form humans, animals, other anthropomorphic or zoomorphic beings, and often hybrid or indeterminate entities. Figurines have excited scholarly and public imagination, and have given rise to diverse interpretations. The assemblage from Koutroulou Magoula, a Middle Neolithic site – 5800-5300 BC – in central Greece (excavated under the co-direction of Prof. Yannis Hamilakis – University of Southampton/British School at Athens and Dr Kyparissi – Greek Ministry of Culture), offers a unique opportunity to revolutionise the way we study and understand

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  • Catalog – Prehistoric ladies from Macedonia

    on Dec 5, 13 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Cultural heritage, Eneolithic, Exhibition, Neolithic, News, Prehistory, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off

    Tumba Madzari 4

       The abundance of terracotta figurines depicting women from prehistory. i.e. from the Neolithic and Eneolithic, discovered in the Republic Macedonia, have imposed the idea of conjoining the most of them together and displaying them in an exhibition titled Prehistoric Macedonian Ladies. It embraces an attempt to present, in a single display, archaeological artifacts that are inter-related merely by one concept – the woman. The exhibition aims to elucidate a segment of the rich spiritual life of the prehistoric populace settling these territories from the sixth until the third millennia BC. This collection has been

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