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  • Relief Of Danubian Horseman Found In Viminacium

    on Jan 26, 15 • in Archaeology, Art, News, Religion, Roman period, Serbia • with Comments Off on Relief Of Danubian Horseman Found In Viminacium

    Viminacium was once the seat of the Roman province of Upper Moesia and one of the most significant Roman cities and military camps in the period between the 1st and the 6th centuries. The cult of the Danubian Horseman is a riddle to researchers and can still only be considered a mystical cult, Viminacium Director Miomir Korac has told Tanjug. In general, the cult was widespread along the limes, a fortified Roman border on the Danube, but mostly in the Roman provinces of Pannonia Inferior (Lower Pannonia), Moesia Superior (Upper Moesia) and Dacia. Most often,

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