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Archaeologists Explore Ancient Roman Forum of Philippopolis

Located in south central Bulgaria, the city of Plovdiv, known to many as the "Eternal City of Bulgaria", is among the oldest cities in...

Woman buried pregnant 6000 years ago in Bulgaria

Bulgarian archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a woman that appears to have been buried pregnant 6000 years ago. The found – described as highly unusual -...

Top 10 Archaeology Finds in Bulgaria for 2013

Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover Major Roman Thermae A team of Bulgarian archaeologists discovered in February -well-preserved remains of a Roman bath in the ancient Bulgarian town of Sozopol, founded...

Bulgarian Archeologists Uncover Large Votive Relief of Zeus

  A team of Bulgarian archaeologists led by Dr. Ivan Hristov has discovered an unusually large votive relief of the ancient Greek God Zeus near...

Bulgaria archaeologists find ancient wine cellar

A team of archaeologists, headed by Associate Professor Aneliya Bozhkova with the National Archaeological Institute with Museum with the Bulgarian Academy of Science, and...

Bulgarian archaeologists find cold pool of Roman Baths of Aquae Calidae

Bulgarian archaeologists discovered a cold pool or the so-called frigidarium of the Roman Baths (II AD) during the latest dig at the Aquae Calidae...
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