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  • Miniature Objects from the Archaic Tombs of Macedonia

    on Sep 23, 14 • in Archaeology, Articles, Greece, Hellenistic period, History • with Comments Off on Miniature Objects from the Archaic Tombs of Macedonia

    Nathalie Del Socorro Miniature Objects from the Archaic Tombs of Macedonia  Abstract A number of miniature objects in the shape of carts, tables, chairs, spits and spit holders have been found inside archaic tombs in the region of Macedonia. Their signification is difficult to determine as many different hypothesis have been formulated. However, it would seem that they were used as both status and gender markers. Most of these objects were made ouf of iron, but some bronze examples have also been found.   Keywords: miniature objects, iron, bronze, archaic tombs, Ancient Macedonia Reference: Del Socorro

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  • 6,500-year old tin-bronze from Serbia

    on Jan 20, 14 • in Archaeology, Articles, Neolithic, News, Serbia • with Comments Off on 6,500-year old tin-bronze from Serbia

    The hypothesis of a single origin for Eurasian metallurgy has been challenged by the discovery of copper smelting evidence some 7000 years old at Plochnik, a Vincha culture settlement in eastern Serbia. Here, the tin-bronze foil was excavated from an undisturbed context, on the floor of a dwelling structure next to a copper workshop – a single occupation horizon dated to circa 4650 BCE. The tin-bronze foil from the site of Plochnik is therefore the earliest known tin-bronze artefact anywhere, extending the record of bronze making by about 1500 years. Two artefacts were analysed for

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