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Roman camp in Bulgaria yields numerous artefacts

More than 300 coins from the first to sixth centuries AD and hundreds of objects made of bronze, glass, bone and antlers have been...

2,800-Year-Old Zigzag Art Found in Greek Tomb

Archaeologists working at the ancient city of Corinth, Greece, have discovered a tomb dating back around 2,800 years that has pottery decorated with zigzagging...

World’s earliest erotic graffiti found in unlikely setting on Aegean island

Racy inscriptions and phalluses carved into Astypalaia's rocky peninsula shed light on very private lives of ancient Greece Wild, windswept, rocky and remote, Astypalaia is...

Series of archaeological lectures in Skopje by prof. Dr Philipp Niewöhner

Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Faculty of Philosophy The Faculty of Philosophy is pleased to announce the forthcoming course in Archaeology and Art History to...

Catalog – Prehistoric ladies from Macedonia

   The abundance of terracotta figurines depicting women from prehistory. i.e. from the Neolithic and Eneolithic, discovered in the Republic Macedonia, have imposed the idea...

ESRARC2014 – Еuropean Symposium on Religious Art – Restoration and Conservation

ESRARC2014 - the 6th European Symposium on Religious Art - Restoration and Conservation which will be held on 09 – 11 June 2014 in Florence,...
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