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  • In Photos: 8 Byzantine Empire Era Shipwrecks Excavated in Turkey

    on Jan 3, 15 • in Archaeology, Byzantine, Excavation, News, Turkey • with Comments Off


    Archeologists in Turkey uncovered a large group of Byzantine-era shipwrecks in an ongoing excavation in Istanbul’s Yenikapi district. Researchers recovered six round ships and naval galleys in addition to fishing boats, coasters and one large merchant ship. “Never before has such a large number and types of well-preserved vessels been found at a single location,” study author Cemal Pulak, of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University, said in a press statement, adding, “Even more fascinating is the fact that we can now trace how ship construction and ship design changed over the course of

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  • Massive ancient underground city discovered in Turkey’s Nevşehir

    on Jan 1, 15 • in Archaeology, Bronze age, Excavation, News, Turkey • with Comments Off


    With 2014 soon coming to an end, potentially the year’s biggest archeological discovery of an underground city has come from Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir, which is known world-wide for its Fairy Chimneys rock formation. The city was discovered by means of Turkey’s Housing Development Administration’s (TOKİ) urban transformation project. Some 1,500 buildings were destructed located in and around the Nevşehir fortress, and the underground city was discovered when the earthmoving to construct new buildings had started. TOKİ Head Mehmet Ergün Turan said the area where the discovery was made was announced as an

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  • Unique Roman bath in Central Anatolian town

    on Dec 10, 14 • in Archaeology, Architecture, News, Roman period, Tourism, Turkey • with Comments Off


    An ancient bath in the Central Anatolian province of Yozgat’s Sarıkaya district is one of the rare early Roman-era artifacts that still survive. The bath, called Basilica Therma, was a thermal center in the Roman era. Work has continued to open the bath to tourism. Yozgat Governor Abdulkadir Yazıcı said the bath is a significant historical artifact for Turkey. “This place was also a center from where the eastern part of the empire was administered. Roman soldiers used this place to take a rest before setting sail,” Yazıcı said. He said the figure of a

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  • Expo Heritage Turkey 2015

    on Oct 13, 14 • in Archaeology, Conference, Conservation, Cultural heritage, Exhibition, News, Our Activity, Turkey • with Comments Off

    Expo Heritage Turkey 2015

    HAEMUS signed an agreement and became official partner for Expo Heritage Turkey 2015 HERITAGE 2015 “Restoration, Archeology and Museum Technologies” Trade Fair and Conferences will be held between 5 – 7 February 2015 at the Istanbul Lutfi Kıtrdar Convention & exhibition Center aiming to bring together the institutions, universities, governmental bodies, associations with the companies and suppliers from the sector which are working to conserve, preserve and transfer the historic and artistic assets of our country to future. Organization’s mission is; to create an agenda throughout Turkey, to create a sectoral trade mark to be

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  • HAEMUS at the EAA conference 2014 in Istanbul

    on Oct 7, 14 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Conference, Culture, Education, News, Our Activity, Republic of Macedonia, Turkey • with Comments Off

    Haemus and EAA 2014 -6

    Members of HAEMUS took part at the European Association of Archaeologist‘ 20th annual meeting, held in September 10-14, 2014, at at the Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. In the official program two archaeologists from our organization in three different sessions had own presentations and posters. We will remember the 20th EAA conference in Istanbul as the largest ever. We were very happy to participate together with more than 2,300 participants, 150 sessions, and over 2,000 papers and posters.   The team of HAEMUS at EAA 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey Vasilka Dimitrovska, M. Sci in archaeology HAEMUS - center for scientific research and

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  • Bronze Age wreckage oldest in Turkey

    on Sep 23, 14 • in Archaeology, Bronze age, Excavation, News, Turkey • with Comments Off


    Within the scope of the Underwater Heritage Studies of Dokuz Eylül University (DEU), a Bronze Age wreckage dating back to 4,000 years ago has been discovered in Hisarönü Gulf in the western province of Muğla’s Marmaris district. It is reported that the wreckage has taken the title from Kaş’s Uluburun ship wreckage, which was known as Turkey’s oldest wreckage site. The remains, located 50 meters away from the coast 25-30 meters deep, include very rare amphora forms, as well as kettle-shaped pots and ceramic cups in various forms. Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon said in a

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