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  • Exhibition: Balkan history – testing imagination

    on Sep 23, 13 • in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Culture, Exhibition, Greece, History, Montenegro, News, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, UNESCO • with Comments Off on Exhibition: Balkan history – testing imagination

    Is it possible to build a shared narrative of the Balkans, overcoming the conflicts between national historiographies? The travelling exhibition “Imagining the Balkans”, these days in Belgrade, tries to do so On September 9th, the exhibition “Imagining the Balkans”, devoted to the formation of identity and memories in the communities of south-eastern Europe during the 19th century, was inaugurated in Belgrade. The title of the exhibition will be familiar to those interested in the Balkan region – it was chosen after the famous book in which Bulgarian scholar Maria Todorova criticizes Western culture’s tendency to

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  • Projects: Disputed Histories

    on Sep 1, 13 • in Anthropology, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Education, History, Kosovo, Montenegro, News, Politics, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia • with Comments Off on Projects: Disputed Histories

    The Disputed Histories Library is a collection of text-books from primary and secondary schools, that have been in use in different time periods on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia. The purpose of starting this library by Vahida Ramujkic, was for it to be accessible to the general public, so as to inspire series of workshops, discussions and new projects. Until now it was available in Youth Center Crna Kuca in Novi Sad, on Spaport Bienalle in Banja Luka, in Knjizara of CZKD in Belgrade and in the NGBK Gallery in Berlin. It turns out that students at

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  • Revealing the mysteries of Kosovo’s Roman ruins

    on Aug 29, 13 • in Archaeology, Excavation, History, Kosovo, News, Roman period, Serbia • with Comments Off on Revealing the mysteries of Kosovo’s Roman ruins

    A Roman site covered with multi-colored mosaics is now under excavation in the small village of Dresnik in northwestern Kosovo. This is one the biggest finds in Kosovo in the past four decades. Digging first started in September 2012 under head archaeologist Masar Valla, who believes the site spreads over as much as 50 hectares. Diggers have so far opened up a 200 square-metre area — which is believed to be the ground floor of a public building or an urban villa. Archaeologists have still not determined the exact period of construction or what the

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  • First center for Balkan Neolithic study

    on Aug 14, 13 • in Archaeology, Excavation, Management, Neolithic, News, Prehistory, Serbia • with Comments Off on First center for Balkan Neolithic study

    At the archaeological locality “Drenovac”, near the village of the same name in the municipality of Paracin in central Serbia, the construction of the first scientific center for the study of Neolithic in the Balkans will commence. This unique scientific institutions will represent the field branch of the Institute of Archaeology in Paracin. Tihana Pavicevic has more. As explained by director of the Institute of Archeology Slavisa Peric, next year so-called “balloon halls” should be set up on both sides of the Belgrade-Nis highway, each 1,200 square meters in size. Those will be the facilities

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  • HAEMUS will take part in the XXXVI Annual meeting of the SAS

    on May 26, 13 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Conference, News, Our Activity, Prehistory, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia • with Comments Off on HAEMUS will take part in the XXXVI Annual meeting of the SAS

    Members of HAEMUS will take part at the upcoming XXVI Annual meeting of the Serbian Archaeological Society, scheduled for May – 1 June 2013 in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia. The following thematic sessions are part of the conference: Archaeotechnology: studying technology from prehistory to the Middle Ages (session convenors: Selena Vitezović and Dragana Antonović) Reconstructing prehistoric food sources and food habits: procurement,preparation and presentation of food in the Neolithic Balkans (session convenors: Dragana Filipović, Selena Vitezović, David Orton) The first millennium of Christianity – archaeological findings (session convenors: Dejan Radičević)   From bomb to quern Vasilka Dimitrovska HAEMUS &#

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  • Exhibiition in Athens: Art of Medieval Serbia

    on May 25, 13 • in Archaeology, Art, Exhibition, Greece, Heraldry, History, Middle Ages, News, Serbia • with Comments Off on Exhibiition in Athens: Art of Medieval Serbia

    On Monday, May 27th, 2013 at 20:00 the Deputy Minister of Education & Religious Affairs, Culture & Sports Costas Tzavaras, and the Minister of Culture and Information of the Serbian Republic Mr. Bratislav Petković inaugurate at the Byzantine and Christian Museum, the exhibition «Art of Medieval Serbia». The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the National Museum of Belgrade. The inauguration will be attended by the H.E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Athens, Mr Dragan Županjevac and the director of the National Museum of Belgrade Mrs Bojana Borić Brešković. Notable objects, original

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