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  • Social status as reflected through metal objects found in archaic burials from Macedonia

    on Feb 24, 13 • in Ancient Greece, Antiquty, Archaeology, Art, Articles, Greece, Hellenistic period, History, News, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on Social status as reflected through metal objects found in archaic burials from Macedonia

    Nathalie DEL SOCORRO Social Status as Reflected through Metal Objects Found in Archaic Burials from Macedonia Abstract Grave goods constitute a particularly important source of information about social status in periods where written sources are unavailable. They also allow us to get an idea of the beliefs expressed in the funerary rites they evoke. In the case of ancient Macedonia, they are major indicators of the changes that took place during the sixth and fifth centuries B.C. with the apparition of higher social classes. Among these grave goods, there are a number of imported objects which

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  • Exhibition: ‘Resplendent Dress From Southeastern Europe’

    on Feb 18, 13 • in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cultural heritage, Ethnography, Etnology, Exhibition, Kosovo, Montenegro, News, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia • with Comments Off on Exhibition: ‘Resplendent Dress From Southeastern Europe’

    The countries of southeastern Europe maintain some of the most elaborate and diverse traditions of dress in western Eurasia. Beyond their beauty and their importance as markers of identity in a landscape of great cultural diversity, these garments also preserve strong traces of the developmental stages of modern “Western” dress, which begins with a simple string skirt. “Resplendent Dress From Southeastern Europe: A History in Layers” ― on view at the Fowler Museum at UCLA from March 10 through July 14 ― explores the traditional garments of 12 small countries and shows the major historical

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  • HAEMUS will take part in the conference at the ARC in Sofia

    on Feb 14, 13 • in Antiquty, Archaeology, Art, Bulgaria, Conference, Contemporary history, Cultural heritage, Modern history, Our Activity, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on HAEMUS will take part in the conference at the ARC in Sofia

    Members of HAEMUS will take part at the upcoming conference ‘Public Art in the Balkans, 19th-21st centuries: intentions, interpretations, controversy‘, scheduled for March 14-15, 2013, at the American Research Center in Sofia (Bulgaria). The aim of this table is public art in the Balkans which is explicit and frequently the subject of great controversy.  Having inherited concepts from Rome, Byzantium and more recent empires, political leaders, municipalities and private individuals in the Balkans have filled public squares, parks and the facades of buildings with displays of art. Public Art displays and expresses the deeds, accomplishments, sorrows,

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  • HAEMUS published Haemus journal Vol.1 (2012)

    on Feb 11, 13 • in Archaeology, Book, Cultural heritage, History, Internet, News, Our Activity, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on HAEMUS published Haemus journal Vol.1 (2012)

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the publication of the inaugural issue of ‘Haemus’, the new academic electronic journal dedicated to the history and archaeology of the Balkan Peninsula, but also covering a wide range of related interdisciplinary topics. The aim of the journal, which is based on the principles of open educational resources and Creative Commons licenses – is to gather and present the latest developments in the historiography and archaeological research of the Balkans, both in terms of methodology and in terms of content. The content of the journal is based

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  • Marvelous Macedonia

    on Dec 11, 12 • in Archaeology, Architecture, Museum, News, Republic of Macedonia, Tourism, UNESCO • with Comments Off on Marvelous Macedonia

    If you are looking for a cool and calm place for a short break from Dubai’s busy life, there is a new option to explore — Eastern Europe’s Macedonia. Two months ago, it was not advisable to visit the country as there was no direct connection from the UAE. But now, thanks to flydubai, going there is easy with new direct flights to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. The country itself is not very expensive for tourists like other European countries, and Dubai’s low-cost carrier has made it more affordable for Gulf residents who love

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    on Dec 11, 12 • in Albania, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cuisine, Cultural heritage, Culture, Kosovo, Montenegro, Music, News, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Tourism, Tradition • with Comments Off on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER – WESTERN BALKANS

    A National Geographic Traveler & USAID special supplement – The Western Balkans – Land of Discovery include 46 outstanding ways to Experience Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Download – 3,17 MB A crossroads and a crucible, where empires met, fought and combined to form a kaleidoscope of cultures unique in Europe; where the Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Venetians, Turks and Austro-Hungarians each left their own indelible mark on the architecture, cuisine, languages, music and traditions of the region. Medieval Orthodox monasteries, Renaissance Catholic churches, mosques and minarets stand together within the same city

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