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  • Video: Blazevska and Nazim – The Textile Impressions from Neolithic Settlements from Prilep, Republic of Macedonia

    on Dec 11, 15 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Conference, Craft, Design, Ethnography, Etnology, Neolithic, News, Our Activity, Prehistory, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off

    Blazevska and Nazim_BPC2015

    Zlata Blazeska (Department of archaeology, University of Skopje, Skopje), Jasemin Nazim (Museum of Macedonia, Skopje) The Textile Impressions from Neolithic Settlements from Prilep, Republic of Macedonia A series of negative impressions in clay have been recovered during the excavations at Neolithic settlements from Prilep, Republic of Macedonia. At all impressions has identified the same technique of craftsmanship – weft twining with paired weft. Textile impressions are distinguished according to the thickness of the weft threads used and their density. Weft twining is a very old technique and is considered to be halfway between some prehistoric

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  • Video: Goce Naumov – The Neolithic Figurines and Anthropomorphic House Models in the Republic of Macedonia

    on Dec 8, 15 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Conference, Ethnography, Etnology, Neolithic, News, Our Activity, Prehistory, Republic of Macedonia, Technology • with Comments Off

    Goce Naumov_BPC2015

    Goce Naumov (Euro Balkan University, Skopje) Of Miniatures and Hybrids: The Neolithic Figurines and Anthropomorphic House Models in the Republic of Macedonia The figurines and anthropomorphic ceramic hybrids in the Balkan Neolithic were often over generalized in the archaeological interpretation. Mostly, they were identified with a pantheon of goddesses or recently as anonymous individuals representing the Neolithic perception of human body. Obviously these two directions of interpretation are not convincing and generally are based on data not studied thoroughly. They are essentially established on assumptions inspired only by the published images of artifacts and not

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  • Book – Neolithic Ground Stone Industry in Serbia

    on Jan 13, 15 • in Archaeology, Book, Neolithic, News, Prehistory, Serbia, Stone • with Comments Off


    Dragana Antonović Neolithic Ground Stone Industry in Serbia The ground stone industry in Serbia commenced to exist during the Neolithic and under conditions of a sedentary life. The term ground stone here is referring to all those artefacts that their final shape have acquired by grinding, as well as to unfinished objects produced by other techniques of stone manufacturing. Along with numerous types of tool sand arms various ornamental, ritual and artistic objects are also included.The basis for this study of ground stone industry enabled the material of the fol-lowing Neolithic localities in Serbia: Belovode,

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  • Book: Squaring the Circle – Neolithic Way (Balkans)

    on Oct 12, 14 • in Archaeology, Book, Internet, Neolithic, News, Pottery, Prehistory, Serbia • with Comments Off


    Original title Ненад Н. Тасић НЕОЛИТСКА КВАДРАТУРА КРУГА The book in front of you comes as an invitation and a teaser for the revival of interest in the complex enigmas of the Neolithic period of the Central Balkan region. For that reason, this book tackles diverse subjects from different perspectives and involves some of the most important and yet unsolved questions. These are the initial settling down of Neolithic communities, their taming of nature, the importance of salt, infant nutrition and its role at the beginning of the Neolithic period, and the periodization of the Early

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  • HAEMUS partcipated in the international workshop – Tracing pottery making recipes in the Balkans, 6th – 4th millennium BC

    on Oct 6, 14 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Conference, Neolithic, News, Our Activity, Prehistory • with Comments Off


    Members of HAEMUS participated at the international workshop ‘Tracing pottery making recipes in the Balkans, 6th – 4th millennium BC‘. The event took place on September 19-20.2014 at the Serbian Academy of Science and it was organized as collaborative activity between the UCL Institute of Archaeology and the Institute for Balkan Studies (Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences), with the generous contribution of the Institute of Archaeometallurgical Studies (IAMS). Workshop concept was the Neolithisation of southeast Europe, which is one of the most dynamic periods in European prehistory, including, amongst many other features rapid developments in pyrotechnologies, particularly pottery and metal making

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  • Archaeologists Uncover 7,000-Year-Old Stone Age City In Croatia

    on Sep 16, 14 • in Archaeology, Croatia, Neolithic, News • with Comments Off

    Vinkovci 2

    Archaeologists in Croatia have unearthed what they say is the largest Stone Age city ever discovered in the region. The new find stretches for more than 100 thousand square meters, and it is believed to be roughly 7,000 years old. A research team led by Maja Krznaric Skrivanko and Hrvoje Vulic from Vinkovci Municipal Museum announced this week that they had discovered a previously unknown village that dates back to the fifth or fourth millennium BC. Speaking with JutarnjiList, the team said that the discovery lurked for millennia just a couple of feet below the

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