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  • Video: Clive Bonsall – Forager–farmer Interactions? The Iron Gates from 6300 to 5900 cal BC

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    Clive Bonsall_BPC2015

    Clive Bonsall (University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh) Forager–farmer Interactions? The Iron Gates from 6300 to 5900 cal BC          After millennia of a relatively stable fisher-hunter-gatherer adaptation in the Iron Gates section of the lower Danube valley, significant changes in the archaeological record occur between c. 6200 and 5950 cal BC. These changes include the appearance of lime plaster pyrotechnology and sculptured boulders at Lepenski Vir, ‘exotic’ raw materials (Balkan flint, obsidian and Spondylus shell), pottery, ground-edge tools, new burial practices, and archaeozoological and stable isotopic evidence of changing subsistence practices and population movements. This paper considers

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  • MESO 2015. The Ninth International Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe

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    MESO 2015. The Ninth International Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe Belgrade, Serbia, 14-18 September 2015 Deadline: 01 May 2014 The MESO2015 Committee invites speakers to submit abstracts for 10 minute papers and poster presentations on any subject related to Mesolithic archaeology. Abstracts should be no more than 200 words in length and should also include a title and list of all authors and their institutional affiliations. Please also indicate whether your abstract should be considered for a poster or presentation. All abstracts and presentations must be in English. Abstracts should be sent to

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  • HAEMUS signs a cooperation agreement with ‘Ursus speleos’

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    Speleo house in Slatina

    On 09.06.2013, HAEMUS and ‘Ursus spelaeus‘ signed an agreement for scientific and fieldwork collaboration. ‘Ursus speleos‘ is a society professionally engaged with exploring, protecting and promoting of the Karst forms, caves and speleology in general in the Republic of Macedonia. Since 2011, with a special permission by the Macedonian Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, ‘Ursus speleos‘ are managing the environments of the village of Slatina in central Macedonia, a speleological landscape with several natural monuments. The society owns the spelaeological home ‘Ursus speleos‘ in the village of Slatina near Makedonski Brod, a structure with

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  • Farming Arrived in Europe with Asian Migrants, Isotopic Study Reveals

    on Feb 24, 13 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Mesolithic, Neolithic, News, Romania, Serbia • with Comments Off

    Early farmers ( / CC BY-SA 3.0)

    Strontium isotope data from the Danube Gorges in the north-central Balkan show Europe’s first farmers were immigrants. “One of the big questions in European archaeology has been whether farming was brought or borrowed from the Near East,” said Dr Douglas Price of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who co-authored a paper published in the early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Dr Price with colleague Dr Dusan Boric of Cardiff University, the UK, measured strontium isotopes in the teeth of 153 humans from Neolithic burials (6,200 B.C.) in an area known as the Danube Gorges

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