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  • Security walls to protect ancient Agora in İzmir

    on Feb 18, 13 • in Archaeology, Architecture, Hellenistic period, History, News, Turkey • with Comments Off on Security walls to protect ancient Agora in İzmir

     The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to surround the historical Smyrna Agora with specially designed walls. The walls will provide for the safety of the Agora and be 3 meters high and 810 meters long. The Smyrna Agora Ancient Site Safety Wall project has been approved by the İzmir Committee for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Properties. The project will protect the historic Agora, which was integrated with the crowded İkiçeşmelik Street after confiscation and destruction works were completed. The project was designed to reveal the historical richness of the agora and will provide

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  • Ancient gold wreath unearthed

    on Jan 29, 13 • in Archaeology, Greece, Hellenistic period, News, Roman period • with Comments Off on Ancient gold wreath unearthed

    Thessaloniki, Greece – Excavation work during construction of a new subway network in Greece’s second largest city has discovered an ancient wreath made of gold that was buried with a woman some 2,300 years ago. Archaeologists say Friday’s find in Thessaloniki occurred on the site of an ancient cemetery in the west of the northern port city. A total of 23,000 ancient and medieval artifacts have been found during archaeological excavations connected with the construction since 2006.   Archaeologist Vassiliki Misailidou said the olive branch wreath made of gold was buried in a simple, box-shaped

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