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  • Expo Heritage Turkey 2015

    on Oct 13, 14 • in Archaeology, Conference, Conservation, Cultural heritage, Exhibition, News, Our Activity, Turkey • with Comments Off on Expo Heritage Turkey 2015

    HAEMUS signed an agreement and became official partner for Expo Heritage Turkey 2015 HERITAGE 2015 “Restoration, Archeology and Museum Technologies” Trade Fair and Conferences will be held between 5 – 7 February 2015 at the Istanbul Lutfi Kıtrdar Convention & exhibition Center aiming to bring together the institutions, universities, governmental bodies, associations with the companies and suppliers from the sector which are working to conserve, preserve and transfer the historic and artistic assets of our country to future. Organization’s mission is; to create an agenda throughout Turkey, to create a sectoral trade mark to be

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  • Athens To Display 25 Masterpieces From Greece & Italy

    on Aug 25, 14 • in Archaeology, Art, Exhibition, Greece, Museum, News • with Comments Off on Athens To Display 25 Masterpieces From Greece & Italy

    Twenty-five masterpieces from Greece and Italy will be displayed at an art exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens as of late August. The exhibition is entitled “Classicism and Europe: The European destiny of Greece and Italy” and first launched in March at the “Palazzo del Quirinale” in Rome. It has been set up by the two EU presidencies, the Greek presidency that ended in June and the Italian that began in the second half of 2014. The iconic works from museums in Greece and Italy will be displayed in the exhibition halls at

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  • Collaboration

    on May 13, 14 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Articles, Conference, Conservation, Cultural heritage, Ethnography, Etnology, Excavation, Exhibition, History, Management, Museum, News, Our Activity, Preservation, Restoration, Tourism • with Comments Off on Collaboration

    Dear colleagues and researchers, You may want to use HAEMUS website and its social network to advertise or report on seminars, workshops or events that you believe are of interest about the cultural heritage of the Balkans. Since we publish in digital/e-media, also you can include notes, announcements, letters, requests etc. in the fields of history and archaeology, but also archival science, public history, historic preservation, cultural heritage, museum studies, web–based history, memory studies, and other related areas. We are happy to publish not only reports on excavations and teaching, current research projects and public archaeology, exhibitions and conferences, but

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  • Archaeological Exhibition 2013 – Republic of Macedonia

    on Dec 27, 13 • in Archaeology, Cultural heritage, Excavation, Exhibition, News, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on Archaeological Exhibition 2013 – Republic of Macedonia

    Retrospective exhibition 2007-2013  The exhibition in the City museum of Skopje shed a light of some archaeological discoveries in the last couple of years at the archaeological sites of: Heraclea Lyncetis, Scupi, Vardarski Rid, Stobi, Kokino, and Plaoshnik, Tetovo Fortress (Baltepe), Bylazora, Tauresium, Stibera, St. Transfiguration Monastery (v . Zrze), Strumica Fotress (Carevi Kuli), Isar (Shtip) and Bargala and Gradishte (Negotino) known as Antigonea

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  • Catalog – Prehistoric ladies from Macedonia

    on Dec 5, 13 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Cultural heritage, Eneolithic, Exhibition, Neolithic, News, Prehistory, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on Catalog – Prehistoric ladies from Macedonia

       The abundance of terracotta figurines depicting women from prehistory. i.e. from the Neolithic and Eneolithic, discovered in the Republic Macedonia, have imposed the idea of conjoining the most of them together and displaying them in an exhibition titled Prehistoric Macedonian Ladies. It embraces an attempt to present, in a single display, archaeological artifacts that are inter-related merely by one concept – the woman. The exhibition aims to elucidate a segment of the rich spiritual life of the prehistoric populace settling these territories from the sixth until the third millennia BC. This collection has been

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  • HAEMUS visited “Kokolov Rid” – Iron Age Tumuli Necropolis

    on Nov 24, 13 • in Archaeology, Excavation, Exhibition, Iron Age, News, Our Activity, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on HAEMUS visited “Kokolov Rid” – Iron Age Tumuli Necropolis

    The team of HAEMUS on 19.11.2013 organized filed trip to the city of Vinica (East Macedonia) and visited both, the City Museum (Museum “Terracotta”) and the archaeological site of Kokolov Rid (iron age tumuli necropolis). The archaeological site of Kokolov Rid at the Vinichka Krshla Village is a complex site. It is 3 km to the north-east of the City of Vinica, at the left side of Vinica – Vinichka Krshla Village road, several hundred meters to the east of the archaeological site – necropolis Krshlanski Gumenja, at a small lengthened plate, above the Sushica

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