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  • Çatalhöyük: Shrine of the Hunters

    on Dec 4, 12 • in Cultural heritage, News, Turkey, UNESCO • with Comments Off on Çatalhöyük: Shrine of the Hunters

    The ‘Shrine of the Hunters’ is an archaeological reconstruction of a level 5 house from Çatalhöyük. It was originally excavated in the 1960’s by James Mellaart and aside from a few informational illustrations, has had surprisingly little coverage. One of the most decorated houses ever found at the site, this piece began as the focus of a MSc Dissertation by Grant Cox during the Virtual Pasts course at the University of Southampton and has since evolved into an animation. Original source:

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  • Haemus – an e-journal for the history and archaeology of the Balkan peninsula

    on Dec 3, 12 • in Cultural heritage, Our Activity, Republic of Macedonia • with No Comments

    Dear colleagues, contributors and scholars, We are pleased to announce the establishment of HAEMUS, a new academic e-journal devoted to the history and archaeology of the Balkan Peninsula. On this site, you will find details about our aims, our activities and our forthcoming publications. We hope that the different profiles of the contributors, as well as the articles dealing with a va­riety of topics and aspects, will help accredit HAEMUS as a stable, peer-reviewed journal of quality that can serve as a source of knowledge on the Balkan Peninsula through the ages. By adopting a

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  • HAEMUS and implementation of cultural heritage regulations

    on Dec 2, 12 • in Cultural heritage, Our Activity, Politics • with Comments Off on HAEMUS and implementation of cultural heritage regulations

    Last week, a team representing Haemus attended two public hearings pertaining to local cultural regulations of the City of Skopje, as well as the Law on National Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Macedonia. On November 23, 2012, members of Haemus took part in a public debate organized and held at the Skopje City Museum, with members of the NGO “Makedonida” acting as moderators. The debate was focused on the Strategy and Action Plan for the development of culture in Skopje, 2012-2015, as well as the joint efforts of historians, archaeologists and museologists aiming to

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  • Aiming for cultural heritage list

    on Nov 27, 12 • in Cultural heritage, News, Turkey, UNESCO • with Comments Off on Aiming for cultural heritage list

    The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has initiated proposals for Turkish coffee and mesir paste to be considered as additions to the world cultural heritage list. Turkey has the highest number of registries on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List, said the ministry’s Research and Education General Director Ahmet Arı. According to Arı, a certain strategy had not been followed so far in cultural research, but now the ministry aimed to kill two birds with one stone in the selection of elements to be submitted to UNESCO’s list as well as promoted for tourism. The intangible

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  • Istanbul Statement 2012

    on Nov 25, 12 • in Cultural heritage, News, UNESCO • with Comments Off on Istanbul Statement 2012

    Statement by Yildiz Technical University and ICOMOS-ICORP from the International Symposium on Cultural Heritage Protection in Times of Risk: Challenges and Opportunities, 15 – 17 November, 2012 at Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. This Statement is made on the 40th Anniversary of the adoption of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention on 16 November, 1972. Understanding that past civilizations have formed the foundations of today’s societies and that our cultural heritage will continue to shape and inform communities into the future, and Recognizing that cultural heritage is constantly at risk from natural and human-induced disasters, including armed

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  • Strangers in our own city

    on Nov 22, 12 • in Archaeology, Architecture, Cultural heritage, History, Ottoman period, Religion, Republic of Macedonia, Tourism, Turkey • with Comments Off on Strangers in our own city

    When you see a group of around fifty people, who are listening to the tourist guide with great interest while they are vigorously taking photos, you will probably think that they are some foreign tourist that have decided to visit Skopje. But, still it wasn’t like that in our case. We were the strangers in our own city. One day in May, the team of Balkon 3 took part in the three-hour walk through the Ottoman heritage of Skopje, which was organized for free by the archaeologist and tourist guide Vasilka Dimitrovska. We visited four mosques

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