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  • Mosaic floor in the Old Episcopal Basilica in Stobi open for visitors once again

    on Jan 3, 15 • in Christianity, Conservation, Late antique, News, Republic of Macedonia, Restoration • with Comments Off

    Old Episcopal Basilica in Stobi 6

    The final phase of the conservation and restoration work on the mosaic that decorated the floor of the oldest Christian church in the Republic of Macedonia, the Old Episcopal Basilica in Stobi respectively, has been completed after detailed conservation that took over 20 years. The project included a detailed treatment of the fragments of the mosaic floor spread over an area of 160 square meters and its return to the original place in the basilica. During the project, supported by the Culture Ministry, a new, steel frame was placed to hold up the mosaic. It will protect

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  • Balaklija – new archaeological site registered by HAEMUS

    on Dec 29, 13 • in Archaeology, Christianity, Cultural heritage, Late antique, Management, Middle Ages, News, Our Activity, Prospecting • with Comments Off


    The team of HAEMUS 1 within the project about the ‘Cultural Resource Management of Skopska Crna Gora Mountain’, found new unregistered archaeological site around the toponym Balaklija (Mirkovci village), mostly determined on the base of surface architectonic elements. Within the St. Elijah monastery, a base of white marble pillar from Late Antique or Medieval building at the floor level of the half-underground church from the Ottoman period was registered. Outside of the monastery in a nearby field, the remains of pottery from the Medieval period can be found. At the corner of the same field,

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  • Constantinople’s city rival during the ancient era

    on Oct 22, 13 • in Archaeology, Christianity, Excavation, News, Roman period, Turkey • with Comments Off

    The city began losing its importance, it became an area for wanderers as well as pirates. AA photo

    An ancient city located close to the Dalyan village, by the coast of the Marmara Sea in the northwestern province of Çanakkale’s Ezine district, was a rival of Constantinople and was at one point set to become the capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire. Ankara University member and the head of excavations in the ancient city of Alexandria Troas, Associate Professor Erhan Öztepe, said the city was established in 311 B.C. and maintained its existence until the 9th century as a large settlement area. “There are some features that make the city important. One

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  • Publications: Early Christian wall paintings from the Episcopal basilica in Stobi

    on Oct 2, 13 • in Book, Christianity, Cultural heritage, News, Republic of Macedonia, Roman period, Tourism • with Comments Off


    Booklet from the exhibition Early Christian Wall Paintings from the Episcopal Basilica in Stobi as part of the project for conservation of the frescoes, financed by the American Embassy in Skopje. The project was conducted during 2010 and 2011, while the exhibition happened in May 2012 in the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. Source: Stobi is the most famous and the biggest archaeological site from Roman and Early Christian period in the Republic of Macedinia. You can read more info about Stobi at

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  • CONFERENCE: Heraclea Sintica: from Hellenistic polis to Roman civitas (4th c. BC-6th c. AD)

    on Aug 15, 13 • in Antiquty, Archaeology, Bulgaria, Christianity, Conference, Hellenistic period, History, Late antique, News, Roman period • with Comments Off

    CONFERENCE Heraclea Sintica 2013

    The American Research Center in Sofia, the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum and the Museum of History in Petrich invite you to the conference Heraclea Sintica: from Hellenistic polis to Roman civitas (4th c. BC-6th c. AD), September 19-21, 2013 in Petrich. The conference brings together 21 scholars from different fields to present their latest research and excavation results on the archaeology and history of Heraclea Sintica. The topics of presentations include historical geography, text-critical analyses of literary sources and inscriptions, new syntheses of archaeological and numismatic data, art historical treatments of little known

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  • Viminacium To Mark Anniversary Of Edict Of Milan

    on May 11, 13 • in Ancient Rome, Archaeology, Architecture, Christianity, Exhibition, History, News, Serbia • with Comments Off


    The archaeological park Viminacium will be the centre of celebration of 17 centuries of the Edict of Milan on May 18 when an exhibition dedicated to Constantine the Great and the birth of Christianity in the territory of Serbia. Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Aida will be performed in the park as part of the celebration. The exhibition on Constantine the Great and the Edict of Milan in 3013 and the birth of Christianity in Roman provinces in Serbia will present 180 first class cultural artefacts discovered in the territory of Serbia. The exhibition aims to present the

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