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  • Student conference on Balkan archaeology in Sofia (2016)

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    The Department of Archaeology of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski and the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences jointly organize an international doctoral student conference. It will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria from 17 to 20 November 2016. The conference topic this year is Balkan Archaeology. Our goal is to facilitate working contacts between the youngest researchers of Balkan past. Presentations will be grouped in three sections: Prehistory, Classical Archaeology, and Mediaeval Archaeology. All doctoral students of archaeology working in this field are welcome. We recommend that participants discuss the subjects

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  • Grandma March Day – cultural practices on the Balkans exhibition by HAEMUS

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    The exhibition “Grandma March Day – cultural practices on the Balkans” was opened between 01.03.-09.03.2016 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. The event took place at the “Skopje City Mall”, with a presence of the organizers, public, representatives of several embassies (Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova) and Macedonian media at the official opining on March 1, 2016 at 12 pm.The official opening was followed by the speech of prof. Ljupcho Risteski (Institute of ethnology and anthropology, University of Skopje) and prof. Nikos Chausidis (Institute of art history and archaeology, University of Skopje), as well as by Ms. Desislava Ivanova (Director of the

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  • HAEMUS and new institutional cross-border partnership

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    HAEMUS presentation-Vidin

               On 13-14.11.2015, the members of HAEMUS were guests at the conference organized by the “Regional library “Mihalaki Georgiev“, celebrating 145 years of the library science in Vidin, Bulgaria. On 13.10.2015, Ms. Vasilka Dimitrovska, director of HAEMUS gave a speech about HAEMUS’s work and Open Educational Resources in the Republic of Macedonia in the last three years. The event was supplemented by a lot of presentations from librarians around Bulgaria, sharing their activities, ideas and perspective due to their work mostly with young people.  Conference poster for Vidin event (left) and Vasilka Dimitrovska, director of HAEMUS is giving a speech about

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  • Archaeologists Discover Ancient Greek Homes, Artifacts in Old Town of Bulgaria’s Sozopol

    on Jul 15, 15 • in Ancient Greece, Anthropology, Antiquty, Art, Bulgaria, Classical period, Excavation, Hellenistic period, History, News • with Comments Off


    Ancient Greek homes from the Classical Age and the Hellenistic Age as well as more artifacts such as coins and pottery have been discovered by archaeologists excavating a municipally-owned property in the Old Town in Bulgaria’s Black Sea resort Sozopol, once the Ancient Greek colony of Apollonia Pontica. The discoveries have been made on the spot of an old home in Sozopol’s Old Town, one of several houses that perished in fires in the last few years. The old house in question had been the property of Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency until a few years

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  • Thracian Child Sacrifice Discovered in Bulgaria

    on Apr 24, 15 • in Antiquty, Archaeology, Bulgaria, Excavation, News • with Comments Off

    Krum Bacvarov

    Skeletons of three children thought to have been sacrificed by the Thracians in the sixth century B.C. have been discovered in one of 20 ritual pits at a site in southwest Bulgaria. The pits were uncovered during rescue digs by archaeologists from the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences along the planned route of a new highway. Stones thought to have been used in the sacrificial ritual were also removed from the pit. Other pits contained the remains of food and animal offerings, such as the complete skeleton of

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  • Oracles of Dionysos in Ancient Thrace

    on Oct 8, 14 • in Ancient Greece, Antiquty, Articles, Bulgaria, News, Religion • with Comments Off


    Jordan ILIEV Oracles of Dionysos in Ancient Thrace Abstract The focus of the article is the available information about the oracles of Dionysos in ancient Thrace. After a careful analysis of the currently know sources the author states that in the ancient Thracian lands there was not only one or two (as most modern scholars assume) but several oracles of Dionysos. The author proves this point by giving a special attention to some details in the ancient information, such as the localization of the different oracles, the features of the mantic session, the officials etc

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