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  • HAEMUS published Haemus journal Vol.1 (2012)

    on Feb 11, 13 • in Archaeology, Book, Cultural heritage, History, Internet, News, Our Activity, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on HAEMUS published Haemus journal Vol.1 (2012)

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the publication of the inaugural issue of ‘Haemus’, the new academic electronic journal dedicated to the history and archaeology of the Balkan Peninsula, but also covering a wide range of related interdisciplinary topics. The aim of the journal, which is based on the principles of open educational resources and Creative Commons licenses – is to gather and present the latest developments in the historiography and archaeological research of the Balkans, both in terms of methodology and in terms of content. The content of the journal is based

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  • Artifacts found on Konya mosque attic

    on Feb 5, 13 • in Architecture, Art, Book, History, News, Turkey • with Comments Off on Artifacts found on Konya mosque attic

    Many parts of Qurans, calligraphy that is 200 to 250 years old and two hand-written Qurans have been discovered in the attic of a mosque in the Central Anatolian province of Konya and delivered to the Konya Regional Calligraphy Art Library. The director of the library, Bekir Şahin, said the works had been found by chance during a cleaning of the mosque’s attic. He said the workers who found the artifacts had called them. “We formed a commission and went to the mosque to get the artifacts. Forty pieces of calligraphic art dating back

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  • Tsoukalis Tracks Down Stolen Antiquities

    on Jan 19, 13 • in Book, Cultural heritage, Greece, News • with Comments Off on Tsoukalis Tracks Down Stolen Antiquities

    In an event at the Theocharakis Foundation, author Giorgos Tsoukalis presented his latest book, History Smugglers – Return of the 20 Treasures, a look at antiquities smuggling that describes some high-profile cases, including those that have been solved in recent years. Tsoukalis, who also worked as a private investigator as part of his work on the book, presented in-depth experiences about tracking down the trade in stolen antiquities. “This is not only a simple description of my research over the past twenty years so as lost or significant archaeological artifacts are identified and returned. It

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  • Adam of Macedonia

    on Dec 6, 12 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Articles, Book, Cultural heritage, Exhibition, Neolithic, News, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on Adam of Macedonia

    Exhibition Title: Adam of Macedonia Date: 11.12. 2012 Time: 20:00 Place: City museum of Skopje On December 11, 2012, starting at 8:00 pm, the Skopje City Museum will host two events associated with the Neolithic site Govrlevo near Skopje. The permanent archaeological exhibit of the Skopje city museum will be augmented by the addition of “Adam of Govrlevo” – a Neolithic figurine, consisting of a male ceramic torso, discovered in the year 2000. In addition, the Museum will present the monograph “Cerje-Govrlevo, Milos Bilbija”, dedicated to the archaeologist who discovered and evaluated the site of

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  • Upcoming book by HAEMUS about stone industry at Rug Bair

    on Nov 28, 12 • in Book, Neolithic, Our Activity, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on Upcoming book by HAEMUS about stone industry at Rug Bair

    Forthcoming The chipped and ground stone industry from the neolithic site of Rug Bair at Gorubinci, in a wider regional context “This book covers the unpublished stone artifacts from 1970s, taken from a trench from the excavation at Rug Bair, and today housed in the Museum and Institute for protection of Stip, Macedonia. Through the stone material, an attempt was made a more comprehensive picture of the raw material, technical and typological characteristics of the Neolithic stone industry at this site to be gained as well as its relationship with related simultaneously industries. All stone

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