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  • Book: Mythical pictures of the South Slavs

    on Apr 19, 17 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Book, Ethnography, Etnology, History, Middle Ages, News, Religion, Republic of Macedonia, Tradition • with Comments Off


    The pagan religion and mythology of the Slavs has been systematically researched for over two hundred years. The results of the research turned out especially promising in the second half of the 20th century when the researchers began using modern interdisci- plinary methods. Thus not only history, linguistics and ethnology but also many other sciences were given the opportunity to contribute to the enlightenment of the original Slavic religion. However, it has to be said that even today in spite of the strong academic interest and the enormous corpus of the research papers, the study

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  • Grandma March Day – cultural practices on the Balkans Catalog

    on Jan 17, 17 • in Anthropology, Book, Cultural heritage, Ethnography, Etnology, Exhibition, Management, News, Our Activity, Preservation, Republic of Macedonia, Tradition, UNESCO • with Comments Off


    Last year HAEMUS designed, organized and host the international exhibition “Grandma March Day – cultural practices on the Balkans”. The project was implemented by the institutional cross-border partnership ”National Identities within the United Europe”, signed between: HAEMUS – center for scientific research and promotion of culture (Skopje, Republic of Macedonia), Mihalaki Georgiev Regional Library (Vidin, Bulgaria), Buzau County Museum (Buzau, Romania) and Library Cultural Center (Kladovo, Serbia). Beside the exibition itself, for the promotion of the event offline and online different types of materials were designed: posters, flyers, catalog etc. The main reason to organize an international event such as this exhibition is an

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  • Call for papers – HAEMUS Journal Vol.3 (2017)

    on Nov 29, 16 • in Archaeology, Book, Culture, History, News, Our Activity • with Comments Off


    Call for papers – HAEMUS Journal Vol. 3 (2017) Dear colleagues, We are pleased to announce a call for papers for the next issue of HAEMUS Journal, an electronic journal devoted to the history and archaeology of the Balkan Peninsula. HAEMUS Journal welcomes research and review articles on all aspects of the history and archaeology of the Balkan Peninsula, from prehistory to modern times, including all interdisciplinary studies and studies of classical and modern scholarship within the scope of the Journal. All submissions should be based on original research or new interpretations, and should reflect the

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  • Book: The coins of Paeonia

    on Apr 7, 16 • in Antiquty, Archaeology, Art, Book, Classical period, Coins, History, News, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off


    The ancient Paeonian population that existed in the south part of the Balkan Peninsula, inhabited the vast geographic area which today enters within the territory of Bulgaria and Greece, but а part of this historical region comprises motely the territory of Republic of Macedonia. Regretfully, Paeonia was mentioned by the ancient authors sporadically, and it was usually related to certain historical events which involved the Paeonians. So, beginning with Homer in the VIII century BC, the data about Paeonia and Paeonians could be further evidenced in the writings of later authors such as Thucydides, Polybius, Strabo, Livy, Justin etc., but also in the epigraphic sources, which

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  • Proceedings from the Balkan Prehistoric Conference 2015 will be published in Archaeopress

    on Feb 25, 15 • in Archaeology, Book, News, Our Activity, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off


    Prehistoric conference 2015 entitled “Settlements, culture and population dynamics in Balkan prehistory”, will be held in March 13-14, in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. The conference is being organized by HAEMUS – Center for scientific research and promotion of culture, with collaboration of few domestic and foreign partners and institutions.     Regarding the publication of the Balkan Prehistoric Conference 2015 in Skopje, HAEMUS made a contract with Archaeopress – an Oxford-based publisher specializing in academic archaeology. We would like to invite potential contributors to express their interest in being part of the volume entitled “Proceedings from the  Settlements, culture and

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  • Book: Cerje – Govrlevo and Miloš Bilbija

    on Feb 21, 15 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Book, News, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off

    govrlevo monograph cover

    Ljubo Fidanoski Cerje – Govrlevo and Miloš Bilbija The Balkan Peninsula has long been known for its rich history, culture and tradition. Many different cultures with different views of the world and their immediate surrounding have lived and are still living here, a state characteristic of this region even today, and will probably carry on in the future. This, above all, is owing to the good geographical position and the natural characteristics of this part of Europe. The heart of the Balkans is Macedonia, its geo-morphological characteristics and favorable relief, with numerous mountainous areas, plains, valleys,

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