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  • HAEMUS joins for the Day of Archaeology 2016

    on Aug 5, 16 • in Archaeology, Articles, Contemporary history, Cultural heritage, Geography, Management, Modern history, News, Our Activity, Preservation, Prospecting, Republic of Macedonia, WW I • with Comments Off


    This year we’ve joined to the “Day of archaeology” 2016 with an article about the archaeology of the WW1 in the Republic of Macedonia. The “Day of archaeology” is a project which aims to provide a window into the daily lives of archaeologists from all over the world. The project is run by a team of volunteers who are all professional archaeologists, and taking part in the project is completely free. The whole Day of Archaeology relies on goodwill and a passion for public engagement! *   *   * From Monumental War to the Monuments

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  • Tips and tricks how to get to Kokino – the oldest ancient astronomical observatory on the Balkans

    on Jul 24, 16 • in Archaeology, Articles, Bronze age, Cultural heritage, Geography, Management, News, Our Activity, Photo, Prehistory, Republic of Macedonia, Tourism • with Comments Off


    Kokino, an archaeological site from Bronze Age period and a prehistoric archaeo-astronomical observatory gain the attention of scientists and media since the moment it was discovered in 2001. Archaeologically tested and astronomically proved, this advanced community which settled Kokino around 1800 BC, used very complicated mathematical equations for observing the sky and the celestial phenomena. We are very lucky they left marks around the stones and rock in shape of markers while observing the rising of the sun during the summer and winter solstice, spring and fall equinox and many other things in the time

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  • Oracles of Dionysos in Ancient Thrace

    on Oct 8, 14 • in Ancient Greece, Antiquty, Articles, Bulgaria, News, Religion • with Comments Off


    Jordan ILIEV Oracles of Dionysos in Ancient Thrace Abstract The focus of the article is the available information about the oracles of Dionysos in ancient Thrace. After a careful analysis of the currently know sources the author states that in the ancient Thracian lands there was not only one or two (as most modern scholars assume) but several oracles of Dionysos. The author proves this point by giving a special attention to some details in the ancient information, such as the localization of the different oracles, the features of the mantic session, the officials etc

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  • Miniature Objects from the Archaic Tombs of Macedonia

    on Sep 23, 14 • in Archaeology, Articles, Greece, Hellenistic period, History • with Comments Off

    Fig. 1: Main scene of a red-figure pyxis representing a wedding procession on a two-wheeled cart drawn by horses, National Museum of Athen

    Nathalie Del Socorro Miniature Objects from the Archaic Tombs of Macedonia  Abstract A number of miniature objects in the shape of carts, tables, chairs, spits and spit holders have been found inside archaic tombs in the region of Macedonia. Their signification is difficult to determine as many different hypothesis have been formulated. However, it would seem that they were used as both status and gender markers. Most of these objects were made ouf of iron, but some bronze examples have also been found.   Keywords: miniature objects, iron, bronze, archaic tombs, Ancient Macedonia Reference: Del Socorro

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  • Faunal Remains from Pigi Athinas, a Late Neolithic Settlement in Aegean (Thessaly, Greece)

    on Aug 7, 14 • in Articles, Bioarchaeology, Bones, Greece, News • with Comments Off


    Jean Cantuel Faunal Remains from Pigi Athinas, a Late Neolithic Settlement in Aegean (Thessaly, Greece) Abstract The zooarchaeological study of the settlement of Pigi Athinas shows a significant proportion occupied by cattle compared to other animals, which seems original in the Aegean world where breeding is usually based on caprines (goat and sheep). Also, this study helps us to better understand animal use and, the way of life of the Neolithic population.   Keywords: Zooarchaeology, Neolithic, Greece, Breeding strategy, Environment Reference: CANTUEL J., Faunal Remains from Pigi Athinas, a Late Neolithic Settlement in Aegean (Thessaly, Greece), Haemus journal Vol.

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  • Retouching Tools from Osseous Raw Materials in the Starčevo Culture

    on Jul 10, 14 • in Articles, Bioarchaeology, Bones, Neolithic, Serbia, Technology • with Comments Off


    Selena Vitezović Retouching Tools from Osseous Raw Materials in the Starčevo Culture Abstract Tools from osseous materials were used for a variety of tasks during prehistoric times – for processing organic materials such as leather, hide, plant fibres; but they may have been also used for the manufacture of flint tools, as percussors, hammers, retouching tools, or anvils. These are relatively easily identifiable through characteristic use wear traces and numerous examples of them were noted on sites throughout Europe, covering the span from the Middle Palaeolithic to the Late Neolithic / Chalcolithic. These tools are

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