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  • Marvelous Macedonia

    on Dec 11, 12 • in Archaeology, Architecture, Museum, News, Republic of Macedonia, Tourism, UNESCO • with Comments Off on Marvelous Macedonia

    If you are looking for a cool and calm place for a short break from Dubai’s busy life, there is a new option to explore — Eastern Europe’s Macedonia. Two months ago, it was not advisable to visit the country as there was no direct connection from the UAE. But now, thanks to flydubai, going there is easy with new direct flights to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. The country itself is not very expensive for tourists like other European countries, and Dubai’s low-cost carrier has made it more affordable for Gulf residents who love

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    on Dec 11, 12 • in Albania, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cuisine, Cultural heritage, Culture, Kosovo, Montenegro, Music, News, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Tourism, Tradition • with Comments Off on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER – WESTERN BALKANS

    A National Geographic Traveler & USAID special supplement – The Western Balkans – Land of Discovery include 46 outstanding ways to Experience Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Download – 3,17 MB A crossroads and a crucible, where empires met, fought and combined to form a kaleidoscope of cultures unique in Europe; where the Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Venetians, Turks and Austro-Hungarians each left their own indelible mark on the architecture, cuisine, languages, music and traditions of the region. Medieval Orthodox monasteries, Renaissance Catholic churches, mosques and minarets stand together within the same city

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  • Adam of Macedonia

    on Dec 6, 12 • in Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Articles, Book, Cultural heritage, Exhibition, Neolithic, News, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on Adam of Macedonia

    Exhibition Title: Adam of Macedonia Date: 11.12. 2012 Time: 20:00 Place: City museum of Skopje On December 11, 2012, starting at 8:00 pm, the Skopje City Museum will host two events associated with the Neolithic site Govrlevo near Skopje. The permanent archaeological exhibit of the Skopje city museum will be augmented by the addition of “Adam of Govrlevo” – a Neolithic figurine, consisting of a male ceramic torso, discovered in the year 2000. In addition, the Museum will present the monograph “Cerje-Govrlevo, Milos Bilbija”, dedicated to the archaeologist who discovered and evaluated the site of

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  • Bulgarian Minister Seeks EUR 600 M for Cultural Projects in 2014-2020

    on Nov 27, 12 • in Archaeology, Bulgaria, News, Politics • with Comments Off on Bulgarian Minister Seeks EUR 600 M for Cultural Projects in 2014-2020

    Bulgaria’s Culture Minister Vezhdi Rashidov has called for EU funding of at least EUR 600 M for cultural projects in the 2014-2020 programming period. Rashidov flew to Brussels to attend a meeting of EU Culture Ministers. Borisov, as cited by the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), called on the EU to allocate more attention and resources to culture, which he said had undeservedly been left off the priority list. “For three and a half years in office we have not seen or heard the word “culture” in reports or statements of the European parliamentary committees. It

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  • HAEMUS and Exhibition – Tauresium: coins from archaeological excavations

    on Nov 25, 12 • in Archaeology, Byzantine, Exhibition, Late antique, Numismatics, Our Activity, Republic of Macedonia • with Comments Off on HAEMUS and Exhibition – Tauresium: coins from archaeological excavations

    Date: 22.11. 2012 Time: 12:00 noon Place: Skopje City Museum Author: Kiro Ristov, MA An important exhibition will open at 12:00 noon on Thursday, 22.11.2012, in the Skopje City Museum dedicated to the production of coins from Tauresium. Author of the exhibition is Kiro Ristov, MA, employed in the said institution, and long-time manager of the archaeological site Taor. In academic circles, this site is also known as ancient Tauresium, which, according to the written records of the historian Procopius, was the birthplace of the great Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. The exhibition is set in

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  • Greece: Police arrest 3 over Olympia museum robbery, recover stolen artifacts

    on Nov 25, 12 • in Archaeology, Greece, Museum, News • with Comments Off on Greece: Police arrest 3 over Olympia museum robbery, recover stolen artifacts

    Greek police say they have arrested three people suspected of robbing the Olympia museum in February and recovered the stolen artifacts. Police in Greece say they have recovered priceless artifacts stolen from the Olympia museum earlier this year and arrested three men accused of orchestrating the heist. The suspects were arrested yesterday in Patras, western Greece, and led police to the stolen goods, officials announced today. Two armed thieves took dozens of ancient objects from the Archaeological Museum of Olympia in February, after overpowering a lone security guard. Nine months later, the suspects were caught in a

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